Our mission is to make your hunting dog safe and give you a better hunting experience
We are using the newest 5G IoT technology to make sets new standards in terms of:

  •  Superior signal strength

  • Extremely accurate precision

  •  Ultra-low battery consumption.

With more than six years of experience working within and around 5G IoT, we are specialized in knowing what this magnificent technology can do.

Hunter’s Tracker is made in Denmark

Made by people who care about quality, reliability, flexibility and sustainability.

All hardware is factory GPP3 licensed and delivers a high standard and security without compromising any quality issues or other important requirements.

  • Piet Reymert, CEO & Partner

    The company CEO Piet Reymert is an experienced sales manager with a solid background in the fashion industry in Europe, working with some of Europe's biggest companies such as Bestseller, S-Oliver, Street One, and more.

    Piet is responsible for sales and has strong experience in training and supervising sales staff, planning and implementing sales strategies in different markets.

  • Flemming Holm, CMO & Partner

    The company CMO Flemming Holm has been working with strategy, communication, advertising, and business development for 25 years. Flemming has been co-owner and Creative Director of various advertising agencies and has worked with several of the biggest companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

    Flemming's role in Hunter's Tracker is marketing, brand positioning and branding, and business development.

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